About Me


Welcome to the about page of my wonderful blog, on this page I will explain a little bit about myself and what I do on this blog.

I decided to start this blog in the new year 2017 as I was getting fed up of people buying Instagram followers when they can get ones for free, would you believe it that the ones you get for free are almost 100x better than the ones you pay for.

Well anyway my name is James I’m 32 and live in Florida, I am a full time student so I don’t have much free time but the time I do have I put into this blog. I will try to post a new blog post every month but if I have some more free time on my hands I should be posting around two a month.

Make sure you stay updated with my blog because I can guarantee you will be learning some awesome stuff,  such as getting over 20 thousand Instagram followers completely free of charge when people normally charge over $200 for this!

Get reading now!